Container, English name container


Container, English name container. It refers to a large […]

Container, English name container. It refers to a large loading container with a certain strength, rigidity and specifications for turnover. The use of container transshipment goods can be directly loaded in the consignor's warehouse, shipped to the consignee's warehouse for unloading, bromma spreader and when the car or ship is changed midway, the goods need not be taken out of the box. Therefore the container is a great invention.
The greatest success of a container lies in the standardization of its products and the resulting transport system.

It is possible to standardize a behemoth with a load of several tens of tons, and on this basis, gradually realize the logistics system of ships, ports, routes, highways, transit stations, bridges, tunnels and multimodal transport on a global scale. Called one of the great miracles created by mankind in history.
The container front hoist is a kind of loading and unloading machine for horizontal container transportation. It has the characteristics of flexible operation, easy operation, narrow working channel, high site utilization and high work efficiency. It is thus obtained in container shipping in China and in container transportation in various regions of the world. widely used. However, the spreader rotation mechanism of the front hanging of the container has many failures. A safety protection device can be introduced from the analysis of the causes of these failures.

1 Reasons for the failure 1) When the front hoist is working, the horizontal size of the container is horizontally transported (40 to 45 ft). The driver has difficulty in both sides during operation, the container space is crowded, and the space between container spreader the box and the box is small. Collision and friction often occur on both sides; 2) When the container is lifted from the front, the front line of sight is blocked by the box. The driver must accurately determine the vertical position of the box and cause longitudinal collision. 3) When lifting the box from the front, rely on the boom The change of the change is realized, so the trajectory is a circular arc, which has both a descending motion and an outward movement. The inexperienced operator often causes a longitudinal collision; 4) the weight of the container is evenly distributed in the box, and the lateral length of the container is Up to 1 2 m, the moment of inertia is large. The torque generated by these poor working conditions on the front sling ultimately acts on the rotating device of the spreader.