Container movable rooms can be divided into three categories


Container movable rooms can be divided into three categ […]

Container movable rooms can be divided into three categories according to their structural composition. The first category is the small box movable room, the second type is the large box moving room, and the third type is the packing box movable room.

The first type of main body frame is welded, the structure is firm, container spreader  the waterproof performance is good, the shape color and the box shape are available for customers to customize.

The second type of new welded movable room, its technology is close to the first type of small box, this container house features transportation, installation and movement, life expectancy of more than ten years, high return on investment, and a wide range of use. .

The third type of container mobile house mainly adopts modular production technology. It modularizes a container into standard parts and assembles it on site when needed. It can speed up the installation and disassembly, and can also reduce transportation costs.

Container mobile home use

1. High-end needs of construction sites for construction products, such as office, accommodation, conference rooms, etc. of project managers;

2. The construction site is limited by the site, and only the box-type combination room products can be installed;

3, field operations, such as field exploration and construction mobile office, dormitory, etc.;

4. Emergency housing, such as the military mobile command center, the rescue mobile command center, and the disaster relief mobile command center.

5, the overall hoist series of houses have strong adaptability to the environment, easy to install on site, can be used as a medium-to-high-end temporary office, accommodation, kitchen, bathroom and other purposes.