Container spreader working principle and matters needing attention


Container spreader working principle and matters needin […]

Container spreader working principle and matters needing attention

Nowadays, container spreaders are not common in people's lives, but many people do not pay too much attention to safety issues when they are used, which causes great security risks. The container spreader is a large-scale special machine for loading twistlock Manufacturers and unloading containers, and is an important auxiliary device for lifting equipment.

The container spreader adopts the semi-automatic or automatic elastic zipper controlled structure design. The whole operation process of the spreader does not require the use of auxiliary components. It belongs to the mechanism of pure mechanical operation. The turn lock of the spreader carrying the cross beam is driven by the elastic zipper to drive the rack to move the lock. Opening and closing make the spreader easy to operate. Improve the efficiency of loading and unloading containers.

This spreader is suitable for freight warehousing, shipping ports and docks. Because it is a special equipment, it is characterized by high reliability, stable operation, and high operating efficiency.
Flip container spreader


Container spreader works:

The telescopic mechanism consists of an oil pump, a cylinder, a chain, a sprocket, and a push rod. When the high-pressure oil enters the cylinder, the piston rod reciprocates the push rod through the chain, so that the telescopic arm is adjusted within a range of 20'-40'.

The twist lock mechanism is composed of a spin lock cylinder, a connecting rod, a crank, a spin lock shaft, and a spin lock shaft head. When the spin-locking shaft head is inserted into the oval hole of the box corner, the driver receives the signal and rotates the spin-lock shaft to lock the spreader and the container.

The guide claw device uses the bell mouth of the guide claw to automatically align the assembly of the lock of the spreader

The container spreader is a special spreader for container cranes. container spreader Due to the different sizes and weights of containers, the spreaders of containers are also different and can be divided into integral type (fixed type), interchangeable type, child-type type, and telescopic type.

The metal structure of the spreader consists of the frame, telescopic arms, upper and lower guide rails and derivation.
Pulley extension does not rotate 20ft4


1. When lifting the hanger, normal use does not exceed the rated capacity.

2. When the spreader is in operation, personnel are not allowed to pass under the spreader.

3. Do not disconnect the electrical aviation plug when power is on.

4. The use of the spreader is limited to the original design function and cannot be changed at will. If the user needs to increase the function, he needs to contact the manufacturer and the two parties agree to negotiate and modify the design.

5. Periodically inspect and maintain all mechanical and electrical components to ensure safe and smooth operation of all components.

6. Check the spreader structure for damage and loose fasteners after each shift.