For example, if a container vehicle has irregular behavior in the port area


For example, if a container vehicle has irregular behav […]

For example, if a container vehicle has irregular behavior in the port area, container spreader it will set a rectification period, and it will not be allowed to enter the port again until the rectification is completed. Non-standard behavior includes the following three categories of seventeen points:

● Non-standard production operations

1. Disobedience of the command of the personnel of the port area, the occurrence of a queue cut, the clogging of gates or passages by vehicles, disruption of traffic order, and the impact on production in the port area.

2. Complete lifting and dropping operations, and stay in the port area for a long time.

3, From the heavy loading and unloading machinery, under the heavy load spreader.

4. When the spreader did not leave the container or drop the container when the carrying case was lifted, the container did not leave the trailer before driving.

5, The container door is not closed during vehicle driving.

6, did not open the trailer lock in advance.

7. The driver got off at the yard for no reason and walked in the box area.

● Traffic irregular behavior

1. Escape or falsify the accident site after an accident.

2, did not take the initiative to avoid port operations machinery.

3, speeding, reverse, cross-line driving; (Speed limit regulations in the port area: vehicle access gates, entrance and exit gates, dangerous goods container yard, turn speed limit of 5 km / h. Box area, shoreline speed limit of 20 km / Hours. Speed limit on famous roads 35 km/h.)

4, free parking, parking, parking, illegal U-turn.

5, drink driving card into the port area.

6, from one box area passage to another box area passage.

● Security governance irregular behavior

1, there are stealing supplies, fight fights, unauthorized automatic fire and other acts.

2. Infringing manned people enter the port area (the "car one person and one person" enter the port area, and the dangerous goods vehicle may have one escort).

3, Vehicles carrying containers or goods fail to submit otr wheel rim valid exit documents, and are forced to exit without inspection or permission (in the event of damage caused by gate facilities).

4. Smoking is allowed in non-smoking areas such as dockyards in the port area.