In the manufacturing enterprises, as long as there is a process of handling and lifting


In the manufacturing enterprises, as long as there is a […]

In the manufacturing enterprises, as long as there is a process of handling and lifting, there is a demand for magnetic spreaders. With the continuous upgrading of the market, from the manual handling, to the rigging chain handling, to the current robot handling, container spreader Manufacturers the magnetic spreader products of Converse Magnet are also constantly updated, with the technology Development and extension, we also have a major breakthrough in robot handling and lifting.

Many robotic robots have our electric permanent magnets installed and connected to the CNC system to achieve overall unmanned operation.

Automobile wheel hoisting and handling, intelligent handling system can replace the manual sorting, handling and loading and unloading work, instead of human handling dangerous goods, realize automation, intelligence and unmanned. The electric permanent magnet can be directly installed on the gripper of the robot to start the operation.

It will not lose its magnetism after the power is suddenly turned off. It is more safe than other magnetic products. It is very simple to operate and easy to access. The cost of labor.

The spreaders equipped with modern container bridge cranes are different according to the manufacturing age and the weight. For some early bridge cranes (pre-2002), PLC logic controllers are basically installed on the bridge cranes. The upper control system only executes the instructions issued by the bridge crane, and feeds the execution result back to the bridge crane PLC. There is almost no logic processing capability in the control system of the spreader itself; in the case of the lockable movable double 20-foot spreader The PLC was installed on the spreader, and the spreader had its own ability to handle the problem, especially the handling of the lock function. Since the PLC is installed on the spreader, the manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of the spreader bring higher requirements, especially as the spreader's service life increases, the electrical fault of the spreader will become higher and higher. The selection of the components of the electrical system of the spreader must meet the harsh environment of high vibration and all weather when the spreader is in operation.