It's necessary to learn five characteristics about container spreader


It's necessary to learn five characteristics about cont […]

It's necessary to learn five characteristics about container spreader

The conditions of the external working conditions of the various operating machinery and equipment in the port are very poor, and it is easy to cause poor lubrication of components, resulting in serious wear and tear, causing various types of mechanical equipment damage and scrap, resulting in serious safety accidents. Severe injuries to the site staff and major damage to the property. The comprehensive lubrication management is to reduce the friction of the moving parts, reduce the wear of the parts, twistlock pin and ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. Its working characteristics are as follows:

1 The machinery and equipment used in the port are mostly low-speed, heavy-duty and have impact loads. The features of the equipment are large, heavy, fine, and continuous work. Lubrication, maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment are inconvenient.

2 The hydraulic equipment used in the port is mostly open-air operation, high working pressure, and long-time outdoor work. This requires the hydraulic oil to have good oxidation stability, thermal oxidation stability and good anti-foam properties. At the same time have a good compatibility of various rubber seals, so as to avoid leakage of hydraulic oil. Especially in winter in northern China, the low-temperature fluidity and low-temperature viscosity of hydraulic oil have an important influence on the operation process of the port machinery and equipment in winter.

3 The port machinery and equipment work long-term in a humid environment. As the sea breeze, sunshine, salt fog, moisture and other contacts are extremely susceptible to moisture corrosion. In this case, the anti-corrosion and anti-emulsification properties of the lubricating oil are particularly important.

4 When bulk cargo ships used by ports are used to load and unload bulk bulk cargoes such as sulphur, twistlock Manufacturers coal, fertilizer, grain, and minerals. The tiny solid particles, the dust in the air, and the suspended material powder are particularly numerous and diffuse everywhere. They can easily pass through the exhaust port of the fuel tank or the fuel tank cap into the hydraulic system, the gear system and the internal combustion engine and mix with the lubricating oil, causing wear and failure of various parts and components and deterioration of the lubricating oil. Therefore, the filterability of lubricants, the maintenance of cleanliness, and the decrease in the base value of internal combustion engine oil will directly affect the effective use of equipment.

5 The operation of medium and large-sized equipment is affected by vibration and impact heavy load, which is not conducive to the establishment and maintenance of the oil film of the sports vice. Therefore, it is required to select a lubricant (fat) with good abrasion resistance and extreme pressure anti-friction property. , ensure that the moving parts of the equipment are well lubricated, cooled, sealed, rust-proof and washed.