Special spreaders for container spreaders, because of the different sizes


Special spreaders for container spreaders, because of t […]

Special spreaders for container spreaders, because of the different sizes and weights of containers, can also be divided into points (fixed), dress style, cluster, telescopic and other types. Spreader frame, telescopic arms, upper and lower rails and metal structures in container spreader Manufacturers a derivative form. Stretching oil pumps, cylinders, chains, sprockets, forms of the mechanism. When the high pressure oil enters the cylinder, the piston rod passes the reciprocating push rod chain to make the telescopic arm 20'40 "adjust the range. Rotating the rotary lock cylinder lock mechanism, connecting rod, crankshaft, spin lock d2gqx shaft and shaft rotation lock The top is formed. When the rotation angle of the shaft is locked into the box, the driver will rotate the lock shaft, lock the spreader and the container after receiving the signal. The claw guide uses the claw horn to drive the rotary spreader lock to automatically align the container.

The connection between the crane or the main body of the hoist and the object to be hoisted is also a general term covering slings and spreaders. So what should be paid attention to when lifting rigging in lifting and hoisting?

1. The weight of the lifting object shall not exceed the limit working load of the spreader. Before use, the lifting tool shall be visually inspected and the ultimate working load shall be checked according to the lifting load of the spreader. The same is true.

2. The spreader is not allowed to be repaired or reworked by itself (welding, heating, heat treatment, surface chemical treatment). If the above treatment is necessary, it should be sent back to the original manufacturer or under the guidance of the original manufacturer to carry out chain slings.