Spreaders are a key component of container cranes


Spreaders are a key component of container cranes. The […]

Spreaders are a key component of container cranes. The quality and reliability of the spreader directly affect the performance of the crane. When purchasing a crane, choosing a good spreader is critical to the efficiency of loading and unloading containers.

Spreader characteristics

1. Fully enclosed steel structure

The container spreader consists of a rotating hanger, a fixed frame and a telescopic beam. container spreader The rotating pylon is coupled to the fixed frame, and the telescopic beam slides in the two "III" shaped beams of the fixed frame. The overall steel structure of the spreader is Q345B. This product has reasonable structure, strong carrying capacity and light weight.

2, telescopic mechanism

The telescopic action of the spreader is realized by the drive chain drive of the geared motor. When the telescopic beam reaches the 20ft or 40ft position, the limit switch sends a signal and cuts off the power of the geared motor to stop the telescopic movement. At this time, the telescopic length of the spreader is displayed, and a tensioning device and a buffer device are arranged on both sides of the telescopic transmission chain. The transmission chain can absorb a part of the impact energy from the telescopic direction.

3, rotating mechanism

The rotation of the spreader is driven by the gear motor to drive the slewing bearing to complete the rotation. Each spreader is equipped with two sets of drive mechanisms to rotate the spreader, and any one of the deceleration drive mechanisms is faulty, and the other can rotate the spreader to ensure normal equipment. run.