The exact name is a tire-type container gantry crane.


The exact name is a tire-type container gantry crane. T […]

The exact name is a tire-type container gantry crane.
Tire-type container gantry cranes are special machinery for stacking container cargo. It is composed of a door-shaped bracket, a power transmission system, a hoisting mechanism, a vehicle running mechanism, a trolley running mechanism, and a telescopic spreader. The traveling trolley equipped with container spreaders travels along the main beam track to carry out container handling and stacking operations. The tire-type walking mechanism allows the crane to walk on the freight yard and can make a 90° right-angle turn and transfer from one freight yard to another. , Flexible operation.
Tyre type container gantry cranes can be divided into diesel engine-electrical mode and diesel engine-hydraulic mode.
The diesel engine-electric mode is a diesel engine that drives a DC generator. A DC generator drives a DC motor and then drives each mechanism. In recent years, the use of AC variable frequency speed control system, container spreader AC squirrel cage motor drive mode, due to the simple motor, easy maintenance, welcomed by users.
Diesel-hydraulic mode is driven by diesel engine hydraulic pressure, driven by the hydraulic pump hydraulic motor, and then drive each mechanism, this method has good acceleration performance, power device weight is lighter, but the system is prone to oil leakage, maintenance is more complex and less used.

Container Terminal Development Trends:
Deep water port docks.
Large-scale loading and unloading equipment and systematic loading and unloading processes.
Port production information.
The port facilities are modernized.
Terminal berths are highly efficient.
The rationalization of the port production organization.

Container Terminal Handling Technology:
Container spreader
Container ship loading and unloading mechanization
Container Yard Working Machinery (Chassis, Straddle Carrier, Container Forklift, Gantry Crane, Facade Crane)
Container terminal loading and unloading technology (loading and unloading bridge-cross-carriage technology, loading and unloading bridge-gantry crane technology) (now mainly the latter)

The technology of container terminals mainly involves the above scope.