The rim and the spoke are combined into a wheel


The rim and the spoke are combined into a wheel, so the […]

The rim and the spoke are combined into a wheel, so the 19-inch large rim is often heard; the hub is only a connector for connecting the body to the wheel (an important point of knowledge is said once more). So how were the rims and spokes created? This is to start with the tears of engineers and designers.

In the eyes of the designer, of course, the more complex the more spokes, the better the size and the better the size. The overall appearance of the car will be bigger and more dynamic. In a word, the more cool the more independent, the better. In the end, all kinds of imaginative imaginations were released, and the visual effects and luxury were all pursued by designers.

In the eyes of engineers, the simpler the better, the size should be equipped according to the actual use situation, after all, can not let the family car use 21-inch racing tires? In a word, the more you use, the better. Various optimization designs have also been spit out by engineers. Stress analysis and performance design are the only rules of engineers. The engineer returns the optimized idea to the designer.

The more the number of bolts, the greater the pressure on the hub surface, which is not conducive to the hub; however, the number of bolts is small, and the compression resistance of the bolts is increased, so five of them are the most suitable design. So in general, there are five rims on the market, and the design is very complicated. In addition to bolts, there are many factors to consider in the design of the rim. For example, the material of the rim is both lightweight and high in hardness. The curvature of the spokes must ensure good appearance and heat dissipation.