The shore container crane is a special crane for loading


The shore container crane is a special crane for loadin […]

The shore container crane is a special crane for loading and unloading container ships at the front of the container terminal. It mainly uses special container spreaders to complete the loading and unloading operations of the container. In order to adapt to the heavy otr wheel rim load handling of individual container ships, some shore container cranes are equipped with heavy hooks. There are also a few ports of shore container cranes with container and grab handling functions.
The form of the shore container crane depends on its operating characteristics and operational functions. At present, thousands of shore container cranes in the world have different styles due to different manufacturing plants and docks, but the basic forms are not much different. The main beam and the rear girders are supported by the sea side and the land side frame, and are suspended by the front and rear tie rods connected by the trapezoidal frame. The sea side and the land side door frames are connected by the diagonal braces and the door frame beams, and the running trolley is suspended by the hoisting wire rope. The container spreader runs along the track mounted on the front girders, main beam and rear girders. The drive mechanism and electrical equipment are generally placed on the main beam or the rear girders. To facilitate the driver's operation, the cab is usually arranged after running the trolley. The lower part runs with the trolley.
In recent years, with the development of the container transportation industry, in order to reduce transportation costs, the size of container ships is getting larger and larger. At present, the loading capacity has reached 6 000 TEU to 8 000 TEU, and ships with a load of more than 10 000 TEU are about to be put into operation. Some container terminals, in order to facilitate the ship's various shipping operations, as well as port maintenance personnel operations, bromma spreader Suppliers widen the size of the sea side track to the fender. This puts new requirements on the form of the shore container crane, the main The technical parameters have also changed accordingly.
At present, the forward reach of the shore container crane has reached 70m, the rear extension distance has reached 25m, the gauge distance is generally 26m ~ 30m, and the lifting height has reached 35m ~ 40m, which is commonly referred to as the Super Panama model.
The main technical parameters have been improved. While the container port users are constantly pursuing the increase of the front and rear reach, gauge and lifting height of the shore container crane, the productivity of this super Panama model cannot be reduced or even increased. To meet this requirement, the main technical parameters, especially the speed parameters, are correspondingly improved. The full load/no-load lifting speed reaches 90/180m/min, the trolley running speed reaches 240m/min, and the rated lifting capacity reaches 65t~70t.