The spreader is a key component of a container crane.


The spreader is a key component of a container crane. T […]

The spreader is a key component of a container crane. The quality and reliability of the spreader directly affect the performance of the crane. Therefore, when purchasing a crane, choosing a good spreader has become the consensus of all users.

Careful people may have noticed that in the total failure of a container crane, the failure of the spreader accounts for almost 60 to 70%, which is not surprising, because on the one hand, with the rapid advancement of science and technology, the crane has entered the full digital drive.  In the era of PLC control, the mechanical and electrical protection of various institutions became more complete, and the failure of the crane itself was greatly reduced. And only the spreader constantly collides with the container and impacts, and the structure friction between the container guide rails and other structures on the ship. If you want to learn more details about brommer spreader,please visit our official web here :

Although the transfer pins and guides on the spreader have been constantly working, most operators even want faster. Therefore, the spreader bears the brunt of the entire installation process and the failure is more manifested. There is no doubt that if the spreader can cause fewer failures under such severe conditions, the overall reliability of the crane will be greatly improved. For this reason, foreign companies have already done a lot of work. In order to provide domestic and foreign users with good performance, high reliability, and can adapt to frequent operation spreaders, ZPMC's engineering and technical personnel have inspected the advantages and disadvantages of existing spreaders at home and abroad, carefully listened to the user's evaluation, learn from others, design and manufacture can be Move double box spreader.